Firearms, illegal meds seized at bond in central

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ILLEGAL: Boxes of illegally-procured Augmentin antibiotics which were among a consignment of illegal medication which were seized at the bond in central Trinidad during a raid by police and Customs and Excise officers on Thursday. Photo courtesy TTPS

POLICE seized a quantity of firearms and illegal medicine during a raid at the bond in central Trinidad.

A police press release on Friday said that on Thursday, a specialist unit of the TTPS and Customs and Excise Division officials raided the bond located. A package consigned to a Chaguanas man was placed under surveillance.

As such, both consignee and package were secured, and the package was searched. Officers found a hidden compartment from which a large quantity of firearms, ammo magazines, and other component parts for firearms were found.

The processing of the crime scene was ongoing on Friday and the release promised full details of the firearms would be forthcoming upon completion of the processing by officers of the Special Evidence Recovery Unit (SERU).

The Special Investigations Unit (SIU) and the Crime Scene Investigations (CSI) along with the Customs Division, are conducting further enquiries.

FOUND: One of a quantity of firearms found in the hidden compartment of a package at the bond in central Trinidad during a raid by police and Customs and Excice officials on Thursday. Photo courtesy TTPS

Sometime in November, during a similar exercise at the same bond, officers of the SIU profiled cargo including packages consigned to a local resident, which was sent from a company in Pakistan. The cargo was described as household items and personal effects.

The cargo was flagged and suspected to contain medication. The cargo was then secured and monitored in anticipation of the consignee coming to clear said cargo.

On Thursday, after a no-show by the consignee, the officers proceeded to search the cargo in the presence of the agent of the freight company.

During the search, 200 boxes of Janumet 50/500mg (a medicine used to treat diabetes) – 56 tablets per box, totalling 11,200 tablets, 100 boxesof Coveram 10 mg (hypertension medication) – 30 tablets per box, totalling 3,000 tablets; and 200 boxes of ugmentin antibiotics 625 mg, – 14 tablets per box, totalling 2,800 tablets were found.

The shipment did not have the required documents to import such items. Customs officials are continuing investigations.