From A Concern To An Eyesore

From A Concern To An Eyesore

National Democratic Congress caretaker for the St. George South, Ray Roberts has once again voiced concern over what he describes as a massive eyesore on the famous Grand Anse beach.

 Mr Roberts speaking with the local media last week stated that the removal of the damaged jetty that he had long complained about, was a relief for many however, but the site where it had been placed for the past three weeks had become an eyesore, which didn’t represent or paint an adequate picture of what we refer to as Pure Grenada.

According to him, in addition, the jetty being destroyed means that quite a number of persons would be severely impacted. He noted that the cruise ship passengers dock there in the water taxis and without the jetty, fewer passengers may visit taking into consideration the age difference of the passengers some of whom may not be able to get ashore without the use of the jetty.

He added that he has spoken to some of the boat operators who have indicated to him that they pay a license of three hundred dollars, they have insurance in excess of fifteen hundred dollars with another of four hundred dollars for inspection bringing the total to approximately three thousand dollars of investment by these tour operators ahead of the tourist season, which is only a few weeks away.

“One can conclude that if the jetty is not rectified in time for the season it will negatively impact the pockets of these tour operators and the people who use it,” he hinted. 

Roberts expressed disappointed with the Minister for Tourism since tour operators have indicated that the minister is yet to visit them to offer a word of comfort. He feels the minister has certainly abandoned her role and has not seen the value of that section of Grand Anse beach as a part of the tourism product. “She should acknowledge the fact that Pure Grenada should not just be in name but also in practice”.

The caretaker and potential candidate called upon the Minister for Tourism as well as the Minister for Health to play their role in ensuring that urgent measures are taken to create a temporary facility before the tourist season begins.

According to Roberts, if we don’t cater for these people clearly it will be another increase in unemployment because that is where they make a dollar. “They don’t do anything else for their livelihood and most of them are youths from the vicinity”.

Small Business operator on the Grand Anse Beach, Mr Anthony Ferreira said that told the paper that the authorities are planning to install a rubber jetty but that in his belief, is not a wise decision. He suggested that they erect a concrete jetty with a water breaker attached to it so that when the boat dock, is calm water on the inside of the jetty where the passengers would not be affected by big waves that occur from time to time. He believes that by now there should have already been a jetty to replace the old one that they removed because the tourist season is right around the corner.

The Grenada Informer spoke to one the tour operators who said that the jetty serves not only tourists but is used by locals including persons coming from different parts of the island to fish on the jetty, while some just walk out for fun and sightseeing. 

Another said that without the jetty, the passengers couldn’t be dropped off in the sand explaining that it would pose difficulties for the elderly ones. 

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