Grenada Invitational Postponed Due To COVID-19

Grenada Invitational Postponed Due To COVID-19

As the treat of COVID 19 looms large globally with the Caribbean now thrown in the mixed organisors of the 4th Annual Grenada Invitational has taken the decision to postponed the April 4th event schedule for the Grenada National Stadium.

 In a release issued by the organisors it was noted that that this decision has become necessary to prevent an outbreak and spread of the virus among the citizen.

In a telephone conversation with a close associate of the committee, it was said that while plans were already in motion, for Grenada’s hosting of the event, there was a need to look at the bigger picture, for instance the safety of the athletes, and adhering the global calls for limiting large crowds, one of the ways in which the virus is likely to spread.

 Additionally, we were told during that conversation that a number of the athletes through their respective management teams, would have express concerns having to travel at this time, and therefore there was a strong possibility, that even if they had gone on to hold the event, a number of the athletes listed may not have been available to attend thereby compromising the quality of the event.

 The individual went on to say, while this might be difficult at this time given that a number of the athletics are in the preparation stage for International events, it would make better sense having the athletics alive to compete at a future event, rather than risking their lives now.

 As it relates to weather the event would happen latter in the year, it was said this might be very unlikely given the schedule with with some of this athletes are working with. 

 As it stands, it was said the organisors are prepared to count their loses at this stage, given the fact the a few dollars would have already being dispensed in the areas of marketing and advertising, however, when everything is put in prospective, it was said it is better now that later.    

  The release noted that the improbability and flexibility of the situation that has claim the lives of thousands around the world changes from day to day and these uncertainties are sure to hinder in the delivery of a World Class event. It was therefore agreed that the organizing committee of the Grenada Invitational will, as the rest of the sporting world, monitor the global conditions and along with track and field’s governing body, World Athletics and our broadcast partner, a new date for the meet will be announced once the (COVID-19) is no longer a threat and normalcy in travel and other routine activities is returned.

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GFA Suspend five footballers 

The Grenada Football Association (GFA) has placed an indefinite band on five foot ballers from the St. Johns Sports Club following an attack on FIFA match official Clinton Daniel during a match at the Fond Playing Field in St Patrick last month.

 The decision to suspend the players was made during a meeting of the disciplinary committee some two weeks ago.

 The GFA in a release condemn the the action in the strongest terms, and noted that such action would not be accepted.

 The players suspended were, Kimo Sampson, Shevon Sampson, Tahj Joseph and Tavon Joseph.

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