Grenadians Shine at The UWI Cave Hill

Grenadians Shine  at The UWI Cave Hill

Grenadians students have been awarded Scholarships and Prizes at the University’s Annual Student Awards Ceremony on Tuesday 5th April under the theme: “Celebrating Excellence: Promoting Pride & Industry,” for their exceptional scholastic achievements.

The receipts of Scholarships were Kwame Francis, Zuriel Francique and Brendon J Duncan. 

Kwame, a final year Accounting and Finance student from L’Esterre, Carriacou, received the Sagicor Life Inc. Scholarship valued at BDS $5,000.

Zuriel, a final year Law student from Richmond, St. Andrew, received the Richard Cheltenham Q.C Scholarship valued at BDS $2,000.

Brendon, a graduate student of Computer Science from Tivoli, St. Andrew, received the UWI General Scholarship valued at BDS $22,000.

The awardees were former students of the Bishop College, Presentation Brother’s College and St. Andrew’s Anglican Secondary School respectively, as well as the T.A Marryshow Community College. 

Apart from their academics the scholarship recipients involve themselves in the campus life of the University.

Zuriel is currently the President of The University of the West Indies, Students Today Alumni Tomorrow (UWI STAT). He also held the position of Vice President of Membership in UWI STAT and Public Relations Officer for the Grenada Student Association at Cave Hill (GRENSAC).

Brendon is presently the President of GRENSAC. He is also a Student Assistant attached to the University’s Office of Recruitment and Marketing. He previously held the positions of Vice President of GRENSAC, Vice President of Finance to the UWISTAT Ambassador Corps and Treasurer of GRENSAC.

Kwame is an active member in the GRENSAC and the Accounting Students Association. She also volunteers through the Office of Student Services and held the position of Secretary to the Catholic Students Movement. 

Brendon, speaking of his award said: “I am truly and eternally grateful to the University of the West Indies for funding both my undergraduate degree, through the Arthur Lewis Scholarship, and my graduate degree, through the UWI General Scholarship. Without this noble institution, my dream of a higher education would not have been realized. I therefore urge all Grenadians with that dream of a higher education to explore every option possible to make it a reality for the development of themselves, their family and our country.”

Other Prizes were awarded to Vern Ashby and Arya Redhead, both Law students and former students of St. Joseph’s Convent, St. George’s and T. A Marryshow Community College. 

Vern received the Faculty Prize for best performance in the Law Part I examinations.

Arya Redhead, received the Edmund Hinkson Prize in The Commonwealth of Caribbean Human Rights Law, valued at BDS $500 for being the most outstanding student in the subject of Commonwealth Caribbean Human Rights Law.

Newly elected President of the Guild of Students, Mr. Olvine Holas, who hails from Morne Longue, St. Andrew, encouraged that the private sector and governments of this region increase the number of scholarships available to the Students of The University of the West Indies, even in these difficult economic times. Noting that if we are to stimulate growth out of this recession, then increased and not declining investment in people is necessary, critical and urgent and he implores persons to not just count the cost of education, but also the cost of ignorance, which, certainly is much more frightening when calculated. 

The awardees are encouraging persons make the University of the West Indies their first choice and to see what scholarships are available and apply if eligible. 

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