Grenville Town Flooded By Recent Downpour

Grenville Town Flooded By Recent Downpour

The heavy rains that Grenada experienced last week led to severe flooding in the town of Grenville last week Friday and Monday of this week.

The problem of flooding in the town of Grenville has presented a severe problem for many years and little or no attempt has been made over the period to solve this issue hence the flooding continues.

When the idea for the construction of a new modern Grenville market arose and was discussed many years ago; long before the facility was a reality, a government minister at the time told a meeting that before the project starts, controlling the flooding situation in the town of Grenville was a topmost priority. 

 He had explained that it was a three in one project, which involved the Grenville Market Square, the new bus terminus and the new abattoir close to the Mirabeau Farm School.

 He said that funds had been allocated for a feasibility study of the town to control the flooding situation.

However, word emerged that this fund was later redirected to a Beausejour Housing Project and the flooding in Grenville was never dealt with.

It was hoped that the new Grenville Market project would have taken care of the flooding in the town but when the Ben Jones Street floods it continues to affect the market square, the downstairs of the Grenville Magistrate Court and businesses on the street. 

The floodwaters then move through the Grenville Vendors Mall and George Patterson Street, flooding the lower part of Victoria Street, also affecting businesses there.

 A businessman said it is believed that one of the main factors responsible for flooding in the town is the blocked canals with huge piles of mud and debris, which should be cleaned regularly. 

Grenville is under sea level and therefore flooding will continue to be a problem unless a practical solution is engineered.

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