Gucci Mane Admits Dissing Dead Rappers Is A Bad Trend He Started

The content originally appeared on: Urban Islandz

Gucci Mane says he started the ‘dissing dead rappers’ trend and now wants it to stop.

Fans are not here for Gucci Mane’s latest song, “Dissin the dead,” where he calls on rappers to stop mentioning those who have passed away. Dissin’ the dead has become a sensitive issue in hip hop as it has not only led to many families hurting but to reprisals as well.

While Gucci Mane himself has been guilty of the crime of Dissin’ dead rappers, particularly the late Pookie Loc, the rapper appears to show maturity as he raps that other persons should also stop disrespecting those who have passed on.

The music video for “Dissin the Dead” was produced by ATL Jacob, TM88, TooDope, and Akachi, and in it Gucci Man fesses up.

“I know I should be more careful with the sh**t that I said,” Gucci raps. “I feel like I started a trend, they never gon’ stop/They gon’ keep dissin’ the dead.”

Meanwhile, fans roasted Gucci Mane for being a hypocrite as he has been unapologetic about rapping about Pookie Loc, an artist signed to Jeezy whom he had shot and killed 16 years ago. Gucci Mane claimed that he killed the artist in self-defense.

He even recently referenced Pookie Loc in his collaboration with Lil Durk on “Rumors.”

“D.A. dropped my murder, didn’t have evidence to prove it/I think my house is haunted, yeah, by who? The ghost of Pookie,” he had said in the track.

“Gucci Mane is STILL making songs about Pookie Loc but he won’t ever tell what he did to Jeezy to make him send those people after him…FYI: Nobody sends THAT kind of heat your way just because they don’t like you… Let it GOOOO before you open up another can of worms!!” one fan wrote on Twitter in response.

“Gucci mane using his veteran rap status to end the trend of rappers dissing the dead in their lyrics. Lmao didn’t he diss the late POOKIE LOC last year? Talmbout “put his ass in the dirt!!” another person wrote.

“How Gucci Mane calling for rappers to stop dissing the dead when jus a few months ago he was on Verzuz talkin about “we smokin on POOKIE Loc tonight,” another added.