Haitians Call For Preval To Go


CaribWorldNews, PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti, Tues. May 11, 2010: And estimated crowd of some 2,000 Haitians yesterday took to the streets outside the ruins of Haiti`s National Palace to urge the President to go.

The protestors want President Rene Preval to resign, accusing him of using the disaster to benefit himself and his cronies.

The protest comes some four months after the January 12th earthquake that  killed as many as 250,000 and on the heels of Preval`s announcement last week that he would stay in office up to three months past the end of his term – next 7 February – if the presidential election is delayed. A quorum of the 29-member Senate voted to extend Preval`s term. The 99-seat lower chamber approved the measure late last week.

`Preval has used the drama that our country went through and turned it into an opportunity for himself,` said Claudy Louis, 29, a schoolteacher told the Associated Press. `Instead of looking out for the people, he quickly hatched a plan to benefit the small group of people around him, the bourgeoisie.`

`He is profiting from this disaster in order to stay in power,` said Herve Santilus, 39, a sociologist who was laid off a few weeks after the magnitude-7 quake struck and has not been able to find work since was also quoted as telling the AP.

Riot police in Port-Au-Prince had to use tear gas to control the crowd.


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