Hood Explains, Absolutely No Sexual Act On The Rhum Runner-Young Lady Defamed

Hood Explains, Absolutely No Sexual Act On The Rhum Runner-Young Lady Defamed

A young lady depicted in a recent video broadcast over social media involved in a sexually suggestive dance with a male aboard the Rhum Runner has denied that there was any sexual act.

 Speaking on the lady’s behalf, her attorney, former Attorney General Cajeton Hood said the young lady involved in the incident contacted his office and so has the person who filmed the video.

 He explained that the person who recorded the video admitted that she had posted the video but had never indicated that there was any sexual activity happening in the video. However, an unknown third party labelled the video alleging sexual behaviour and it went viral over the Internet. 

The lady who recorded the video, through her lawyer insists that she had nothing to do with the captioning and noted emphatically that whatever is suggested was taking place in the video never took place and the persons involved were fully clothed the entire time.

He said he is a great supporter of calypso and has heard lyrics of some calypsos suggesting that the alleged sexual act happened. He therefore publicly appeals to the calypsonians to refrain from making those suggestions in their calypso because it is wrong, untrue and defamatory.

He further noted that the young lady has a family and an image to uphold and has also been wrongly portrayed in a local newspaper. He said an article published in New Today Newspaper suggested that the act took place and even posted a photograph of a gentleman that wasn’t even involved in the incident.

According to Hood, the young lady was at the time on job training with a company and was dismissed from her job because of the video that was posted and the defamatory labelling.

“The publication in the local newspaper has damaged the young lady financially and otherwise”, Hood said and reiterated his plea to the calypsonians and the general public to have a heart and restrain in making those negative comments and statements towards the young lady.

 He pointed out that the young lady has been in touch with the police and they correctly informed her that there are no criminal charges that can be filed against the actual person who posted the video, which didn’t suggest any sexual act but to the unknown third party with which they have no contact at this time.

The gentleman that was wrongly published and identified in the newspaper has also been in consultation with his attorney on the matter.

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