Imani police jailed on Fraud related charges

St. George’s Port Police Station

One Imani trainee assigned to the Port Police Station in St George’s has been sentenced to fourteen days in prison after pleading guilty to fraudulently obtaining a drivers license, driving without a license, and without due care and attention. He was sentenced at the Number three traffic court last Friday. 

Magistrate Jerry Seales had the sentence handed down on the young man who was at the time of the offence, assigned to the Caricom Shed on the Port. 

Sources told the Grenada Informer, the young man who goes by the name of Shawn Thomas of Vendomme in St. George’s was arrested after a check carried out on his drivers license following a vehicular accident earlier this year, revealed that it was fake. 

 In fact, our sources revealed that the license used by the Imani Police belonged to a young man from Victoria in St Mark who had used his license to gain access to the Port but was unable to retrieve it on his return. This paper was told that after an intense search by officers attached to the Port the license was nowhere to be found and therefore reported stolen.

 The missing license, which was altered to altered to insert a photo belonging to Thomas instead of the lawful owner only surfaced following the vehicular accident.

 This paper learned that Thomas used the fake license to rent a vehicle, but had an accident in the Perseverance area causing serious injuries to one of three occupants of the vehicle who had to be hospitalized. 

 During the Friday’s sitting of the  #3 Magistrate Court, Thomas with no legal representation, took full responsibility by pleading guilty to three charges namely, obtaining a license through fraudulent means, driving a vehicle without being the holder of a drivers license and driving without due care and attention. 

 Despite making a public apology and showing some level of remorse for his action, Magistrate Seales was adamant that Thomas had to be made aware of the consequences of his action; he was therefore sentenced to fourteen days in prison.           

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