Intergenerational Grenadian Team leading Ecosystem Restoration joins Global Community

The content originally appeared on: The Barnacle News

The initiative aims to advance mangrove restoration and disaster risk management activities with the Global Landscapes Forum’s network of chapters.

Bonn, Germany – This week, the GLFx Carriacou chapter debuts within the GLFx network of the Global Landscapes Forum. It is the first initiative from the Caribbean to join the network. At the forefront of landscape transformation and community strengthening within the Carriacou island, Grenada, this new chapter will align with ten existing Latin American GLFx chapters to advance environmental and community action across the region.

Led by the Kipaji Development Initiative, the GLFx Carriacou chapter will strengthen restoration projects in mangroves and other wetlands and develop activities for disaster risk management in the communities of Hillsborough and Lauriston Point on the island of Carriacou, Grenada. The intergenerational chapter team innovates in terrestrial and marine areas monitoring using drones and contributes to local policy dialogues on marine protection. Their aim is to promote knowledge about marine ecosystem management and climate resilience, and to become a reference center for coastal landscapes.

The GLFx Carriacou chapter operates in a Caribbean Island where the diverse ecosystems are challenged by deforestation, improper waste management, lack of awareness about environmental conservation and climate change, among others.

GLFx is a network of locally rooted organizations dedicated to transforming landscapes from the ground up and paving the way for policy change in favour of landscapes and communities. It will help connect the GLFx Carriacou chapter with organizations and partners worldwide and offer access to learning, visibility and funding opportunities to bolster their landscape management, governance and restoration activities, and scale their impact.

“Our mission is to empower the island community with sustainable practices. We champion environmental stewardship, from conserving our oceans to restoring the land,” said the Kipaji Development Initiative team.

Area where the GLFx Carriacou chapter carries out some of its activities. Photo: GLFx Carriacou chapter.