Is The Bloomberg Campaign Short Changing New York`s Caribbean Community?


Commentary By Michael Robinson

CaribWorldNews, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. Sept. 4, 2009: What would you do if you had all the money in the world? In the case of New York City`s Mayor Bloomberg, it is not idle speculation. Mr. Bloomberg has so much money  he is spending record amounts to win his third term as mayor.

More and more, at a faster clip than even his first two campaigns. However, so far every little of it seems to be going into making ad buys with the numerous Caribbean media that reaches Caribbean New Yorkers.

Of course those of us who watch television are inundated with Bloomberg advertisements virtually every night it seems like on most shows.

But the mayor and his campaign apparatus don`t seem interested in throwing some of those ads dollars to the Caribbean media, even though he is avidly courting its voters and is sure to be out on the Parkway this Monday in full campaign mode.

Last night the mayor was hosted or hosted an event in Brooklyn for Caribbeans For Bloomberg. Yet we have still to see any ad buys on the media that truly reaches the community –  the many radio programs especially and most of all the more popular TV programs.

We at CaribWorldNews of course have not seen any of those ads either and if there are any in the Caribbean outlets, they seem to be well hidden.

Not to say that Mayor Bloomberg does not want our votes. Yes he does. No matter how far in the lead all the polls have Mayor Bloomberg he is running like he is the underdog. A recent article in The New York Times detailed the meticulous even unprecedented campaigning he and his team are waging. Along with all the tv ads, numerous mailings, etc. they have the most sophisticated computer systems. They have campaign offices in record numbers all over the city. They feed and pamper volunteers like no campaign ever has. On and on and on.  Except when it comes to advertising in our Caribbean community…

Why is that Mr. Mayor? Is there some problem?  Let us know. We are eager to print your side of this story.


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