Jada Kingdom Calls Out Stefflon Don Says Burna Boy Is For ‘Everybody’

The content originally appeared on: Urban Islandz

Jada Kingdom is clarifying her statement, calling out Stefflon Don after the singer released a Dutty Money Riddim diss song, which fans think is directed at her due to her past liaison over Burna Boy.

Last year, Jada Kingdom and Burna Boy seemed to have hooked up as she was spotted out with him for his birthday and later in the United Kingdom and the Netherlands with him. Burna Boy also seemingly confirmed that he bought Jada Kingdom a Birkin bag in his “Talibans” remix.

On Sunday, Jada Kingdom tagged Stefflon Don as she asked whether the “Senseless” singer was directing the “Don Cullinan” diss track at her, in which she mentioned that she never had sex with a man just to be able to land on a jet.

Jada Kingdom

In a live video, Jada also clarified her statement and hinted that she and Burna Boy were involved, but he was “for everyone.”

“Me just ah ask fi make sure. It’s weird because its behind a man who me never did a claim, we were having fun. This n**** is for everybody. It’s weird. Last year, she passed her remarks. I said nothing; mi leave it alone,” Jada said.

She added, “Everybody a send me the song, the part unnu a listen to the wrong part of the song, I just want to know ah who got the box? Yeah, cause my p*ssy bless, right through, I don’t give a f**k. Me just want to know who ago get the box, ah dat part me a ask about.”

Jada also said she had no qualms tagging Stefflon Don.

“I just want to see if she bold enough fi say a me she a talk and if she bold enough… it’s weird because it’s over a guy? Huh? What? That a what we want clarify, and if it is mi nah ansa you because it’s werid. The b**ches that I diss real beef, never over no pssh pssh, please, dem man ya fi everbody babe, it’s weird. So I want to know if it’s your manager. As you said, it’s your manager last year.”

Jada also mentioned reports that Burna Boy had bought Jada a new Rolls Royce Cullinan, and it was weird she was bringing up her and Burna Boy at this point.

“Enjoy your car, you win, babes, it’s weird. Just put a name pon it or shut the f**k up…it’s 2024, come with a real beef. Come with something else. The world know ah me you a talk but me want know if you bold this time. Last year you never bold but me want to see if you bold this year. B***Ch over a n***a? I’ll hug you right now. That’s weird,” Jada said.

Jada Kingdom also claimed that she is not the only woman Burna Boy has spent money on or had fun with, so it’s “weird” to be in a back-and-forth with Stefflon Don over the Afrobeats artist, especially since they had been broken up.

She also said she would not make a song to reply to Stefflon Don as it was the “weakest bar” on the song, and she didn’t rate the song.

“If a me you a talk babes, wrap it up. It’s weird, you’re losing…that was weak, come hard, give me something that would send me to the studio,” she added.

Stefflon Don has not responded to Jada Kingdom’s message. It’s also unclear if Rvssian authorized the song.