Jada Kingdom Claps Back At Stefflon Don Over Dutty Money Diss Track

The content originally appeared on: Urban Islandz

Stefflon Don’s new song on Dutty Money Riddim where she take shots at women who sell sex for private jet rides seems to have struck a cord in Jada Kingdom, who called out the British Jamaican dancehall artiste for shading her.

Things are heating up as the females in dancehall go at it on the Dutty Money Riddim. Fans for Shenseea and Jada Kingdom were at it earlier this week as the former’s team seemed to think that others hopped on the riddim only because Shenseea did.

Now, it’s Jada Kingdom versus Stefflon Don. The artists are no stranger to controversy as many suspected that the “Hurtin’ Me” singer dissed Jada after news surfaced that the “GPP” singer was involved with Burna Boy, her ex-boyfriend.

On Saturday, Stefflon Don previewed her song “Don Cullinan,” which many felt sent shots to Jada Kingdom because of her growing reputation for dating many men in a short period.

Jada Kingdom

“Put the buddy inna chance you a whine you a jiggle/ too lick inna the air two hand pan the nipple/you know ina dancehall dancehall a run through a bag a man one man inna yuh middle/ Top Gyal neva sell p***y yet, neva f**k a man fi go land pon a jet,” one verse said.

The verse continued, “f**k my man gyal a box yuh fi get/ tell a gyal say a dis mi ah say, one man to mi middle come in like yuh forget…”

“Top gyal neva sell p***y yet Stefflon Don Aka Don Cullinan,” she captioned the post.

The song tagged Rvssian, and while many complimented the artiste’s flow, others were focused on the lyrics, with Jada’s fans claiming that shots were being sent to Jada since the hand-on nipple reference is closely related to the recent photograph Jada posted with her new boyfriend, Pardison Fontaine.

“Mi Bombo di war start yah now @stefflondon I approve this war,” one fan commented. “Are you sending for Jada Kingdom,” one fan asked. “Jada tag yo muma ,we a wait pan yo fi answer,” another person commented.

Jada also responded to the song on her Instagram Story by tagging the artiste.

“@Stefflondon Hey boo! mi nah run roun nuh bush wid yuh. Anuh my style dat suh before mi gather yuh 3rd degree. Jus mek mi know from NOW if a me yuh come fah this time,” she wrote.

She also referenced a post by Stefflon last year after news broke that Jada and Kingdom were together, and he bought her a Birkin bag. After Jada’s fans reacted to the post, Stefflon Don claimed she was shading her ex-manager.

“R a still yuh manager yah chat bout again??? di wulla wi deyah curious yf maamz! yufy stop dem sumn deh enuh man,cho!” Jada said.

Jada Kingdom is taking her reputation seriously, but at the same time, many have reacted to her in the past, claiming that she slept with Fredo Bang for $35,000 after former friend Asian Doll aired her out. She is also now dating Megan Thee Stallion’s ex-boyfriend Pardi, whom many questioned her always in Megan’s comments.

Although Jada and Stefflon Don were never friends, but they were acquainted on social media, and Jada was always in her comments section complimenting her.