La Mode Resident slapped with NON-CAPITAL MURDER

La Mode Resident slapped with NON-CAPITAL MURDER

A thirty-six year old man from the village of La Mode in St George’s was remanded to the Richmond Hill Prison having been slapped with a charge of non-capital murder resulting from an incident in his home village some one month earlier.  

 Chief Magistrate Tamara Gill presiding at the St George’s Number One Magistrate’s Court on Wednesday read the charge to the accused man Cliffon Sergeant but reminded him that he was not required to plead since the matter for which he is charged is of an indictable nature.

Sergeant, who has been charged with causing the death of a fellow La Mode resident Barry Lawrence by unlawful harm, was represented in court by lawyers Derrick Sylvester and Francis Paul, who requested full disclosure in the matter before next court date, which was set for May 31st. According to information reaching the Grenada Informer, Lawrence died at the home of his friend in La Mode, some two weeks after he was released from hospital where he ended up following an altercation in the village on the 10th of April 2016.

 Sources told the Informer that Lawrence was accused of not owning up to a hit and run accident in the village; after a heated argument with the owner of the vehicle we were told, a fight ensued and Lawrence was subsequently hospitalized after sustaining injuries. Informer learned that after his release from prison, Barry resumed his normal life but later died. 

Informer also learned two postmortems were carried out on Lawrence’s body with the latter attributing the cause of death to blunt force trauma. If convicted Sergeant can be sentenced to life in prison.

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