Large turnout for St. Andrew’s Carnival Launch

Large turnout for St. Andrew’s Carnival Launch

A crowd of thousands took to the streets of Grenville last Sunday in what was described as one of the biggest ever carnival launches to have hit the parish of St Andrew.

 Revelers in the thousands occupied the streets in preparation for the 2019 carnival celebrations. Many are of the opinion that the launch was a sign of what is to come.

It was a mixture of jab jab, viechcoux, mud mas, moco jumbie and just revelers who chose to jump up in old clothing or whatever could be found to enhance the carnival flavor.

The Telescope and LaFillette jab, jab bands combined their drum beating, chants and jab, jab songs while the sounds of bells and shells echoed through the streets.  The message from revelers was, “we are here and we come out to play”.

As was confirmed by the St Andrew Carnival Development Committee it was a well-packed programme.

  The events kicked of late Saturday afternoon with a Carib happy hour at the Grenville Car Park, to DJ music. The curtains later came down by 12 midnight giving organizers the opportunity to prepared for the big event.

  According to the programme Sunday’s launch was set to start by 3 pm with a street parade, which was considered to be the j’ouvert interlude to set the stage for the ceremonial aspect of the event that would unfold into the cultural events; a showcase of local artistes thrilling their fans with their 2019 soca hits, the presentation of the St Andrews carnival queen contestants and the national queen contestant, local dance groups from the parish, Wild Indian, Tamboo bamboo, short knee bands the Rainbow  City Steel orchestra and the presentation of awards to persons who contributed to the events over the years making it the success it has been.  

However, the j’ouvert got off to a late start as revelers already in the town were awaiting the disc jockey on a truck moving from the Canal Road junction to Grenville town, but it didn’t arrive until 4.35 pm, with hundreds of revelers already prancing and jumping behind it. 

The truck with the disc jockey went around the town three times in succession with revelers enjoying it to the fullest, which relegated the ceremony to a late start.

Mr. Jeff Cardet declared the 2019 carnival celebration official opened on behalf of the Hon. Minister Yolande Bain-Horsford who was unable to be present. 


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