Media Professionals Describe A Beautiful Experience In China

Media Professionals Describe  A Beautiful Experience In China

Twenty-three media professionals representing various local media houses participated in the 2018 media seminar, which was held from October 12th – November 3rd  2018 in the People’s Republic of China.

The participants all received a lifetime experience of China’s fast and ever growing social economy & infrastructural development, rich culture & heritage and its political policies among others.

With a very packed schedule, the participants were engaged in a number of lectures, which were facilitated by Chinese officials on the different aspects of China’s social economic development and political policies.

Treated as dignitaries, the participants were escorted to the various media institutions to experience the daily operations of China’s news media. They were also taken on many site-seeing visits experiencing the country’s culture, heritage, food, its people and their way of life.

Being one of the participants at the seminar gave Grenada Informer’s Samantha Charles a better understanding of the functioning of the media in a developed country and afforded her the opportunity to experience the ways of life of the Chinese people. The trip was organized by the training centre of China International Publishing Group (CIPG) for a duration of three weeks.

Director of the CIPG Training Center, Zhao Lijun in her address to the participants at the closing ceremony noted that as the cooperation between Grenada and China continues to deepen, the news media is very important with its challenges and opportunities.

 The seminar she added was designed to create a platform for bilateral exchanges and to play a greater role in promoting people’s well being and building a community of a shared future. 

  She pointed out in particular that on September 19th 2018; the Government of Grenada and the Government of the People’s Republic of China formally signed a Memorandum of Understanding, jointly promoting the Silk Road Economic Belt in the 21st century opening up a bright future for bilateral exchanges and cooperation as a continuous deepening of the China, Grenada ties.

  “It is my hope that you the participants would play an active role in the process of spreading Chinese culture, the introduction of China’s growing development as well as to promote people’s understanding of China”, she commented

 For the three weeks of the seminar, the participants attended various lectures, visited China’s television and radio and other media institutions and benefited from an in-depth exchange with some of the senior staffers of and CIPG.

  Apart from Beijing central, the participants also journeyed to another province called Henan where they visited a number of cities and held discussions on the history of Henan Daily Newspaper Group, their television stations and learned about the basic procedures and practice of the news media convergence. In addition, the participants were afforded the chance to visit Enterprise of Science and Technology and China’s captivating and reserved culture. It was implored upon the participants to take the time out to learn more about the Chinese culture.

Expressing thanks on behalf of the participants, Ms. Leah Phillip said that the experience has led to new bonds of friendship not just among the group but also with the people of China that the group interacted with especially the interpreters Tuck and Maggie, Fang Fen, Zhao Lijun the directors of the International Communication Department of CIPG training centre who did an excellent job, making their stay in China a comfortable and memorable one. She extended an invitation to them to visit Grenada, as it is our country’s wish to remain friends with China.

Participants are now in a better position to present a personal image of China to their country folk and they thanked the People’s Republic of China for a truly breathtaking journey, one that will last for a lifetime having given them experiences of splendour and wonders. 

Certificates of completion were given to all the participants of the seminar.

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