Media Worker freed on Drug Charge, co-accused fined $30,000

Media Worker freed on Drug Charge, co-accused fined $30,000

A twenty-six-year-old media practitioner, one of two men charged in connection with the seizure of a quantity of cocaine coming from the sister isle of Carriacou in August of 2017 has been set free.

Akhir Abdulalym an employee of the Government Information Service (GIS) was vindicated on allegations levelled against him, this after his co-accused Osburn Joel Liverpool aka “Outlaw” accepted full responsibility for the one kilo of cocaine found in their possession.

Both men were arrested and placed in police custody moments after disembarking from the inter-island ferry Osprey, coming from Carriacou. The lawmen that at the time were acting on special intelligence conducted a search of the men’s belongings and found the banned drug valued at just over one hundred thousand dollars, hidden in a sealed plastic bag.

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 Marian Resident fined $50,000.00 for 6lbs of Cocaine

 Marian resident Dexter Myland was fined $50,000.00 to be paid in nine months, failure of which he will spend three years in prison. This, after he pleaded to trafficking in the controlled drug, cocaine.

Myland, a known businessman was arrested after police raided his home in Marian but found just over six pounds of cocaine hidden in a car he was driving, he was subsequently arrested and charged with possession and trafficking of a controlled drug.

 Defense lawyer Peter David represented Myland in court last Friday and reminded the court that his client was entitled to a discount in the sentence having pleaded guilty to the charge and not wasting the court’s time.

David told the court that his client had five children and would be prepared to sell one of his vehicles if it came to that to pay a fine that is reasonable. He further told the court that the drug for which he was charged did not belong to him, but he was just holding on to it for someone.

The quantity of drug seized during the raid carried a street value of  $300,000.00.

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