New Minister for Youth and Sports declares the years 2024 to 2027 as “The Years of Global Youth Leadership and Succession Planning”

The content originally appeared on: The Barnacle News

St. George’s, Grenada: The newly appointed Minister for Youth and Sports Sen. the Hon. Jonathan La Crette has declared the years 2024-2027 as “The Years of Global Youth Leadership and Succession Planning”.

This decision came after the Minister met with his management team within both departments of Youth and Sports on his first day since taking up the new role.

Senator La Crette was one of nine ministers affected by the recent Cabinet Reshuffle. He was sworn in as Youth and Sports Minister at the Governor General’s Residence on Thursday 4th January, 2024. Prior to this appointment, Minister La Crette served as the Minister for Health, Wellness and Religious Affairs, for eighteen months.

The new Youth and Sports Minister also stated that the Ministry’s strategic priority going forward will be to ensure that every programme or project within its purview includes a leadership component. The succession planning component would focus on internal and external human resource development and capacity building.

He noted that this new objective will also enable program redirection to meaningful workforce development, and the reskilling, and upskilling of youths to ensure they have industry soft skills to be effective locally, regionally, and internationally.

Minister La Crette expressed that since youth and sports are familiar territories, he has found his niche and thanked Prime Minister Dickon Mitchell for appointing him to oversee 65 percent of Grenada’s populace under-35.

The youth minister added that the Ministry of Youth and Sports would be taking a multi-sectorial approach, and he is confident that he will get the support of his colleague Cabinet Ministers in their collaborative efforts to develop youth and sports in Grenada.

The Ministry of Youth and Sports thank former Minister Hon. Ron Redhead for his service and passion shown for the development of Youth, Sports and Culture during the last 18 months and wishes him every success in his academic pursuit.