No Unauthorized Vending Sign Erected at Grenville Car Park

No Unauthorized Vending  Sign Erected at Grenville Car Park

One of two signs recently erected on the same stand at the Grenville Car Park is creating unease among the vendors who ply their trade there and vendors are questioning the rationale behind such a move by the St Andrew’s Development Organization, the body responsible for the car park. 

The sign reads Public Notice: No Unauthorized Vending. By order of SADO management.

A few years ago the Grenville Car Park, was a parking area for vehicles and also used by buses for picking up and dropping off passengers as well as for hosting cultural activities and fundraisers. The park was later designated to vendors to ply their trade.

On Fridays and Saturdays, in particular, the car park is completely closed off to vehicles to facilitate vendors while a fee is collected from each vendor operating there. 

“Recently no one has been coming to collect the fee,” one vendor said, “and we were just confronted by a sign saying no unauthorized vending”.

Most of the cultural and other fundraising events that take place at the car park were only held with the permission of SADO or through a rental contract.

“Many of those activities are still held at the car park but in addition, it remains a designated vending area although SADO recently erected the no vending sign without meeting with us and discussing it,” vendors said. 

 “We came one morning to vend and were just greeted with the no vending sign, therefore vendors have disregarded the sign and continue to vend”.

Another vendor said that she approached someone from SADO and spoke to them about the sign and she was told that the matter is now in the hands of the police. 

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