OECS Applauds Grenada on a Major Milestone on World Consumer Rights Day 2024

The content originally appeared on: The Barnacle News

On World Consumer Rights Day 2024, the OECS Commission extends its congratulations to the Government and People of Grenada on the official opening of the Consumer Affairs Office on Friday, March 15, 2024, in St. George’s, Grenada. Additionally, consumers in Grenada will now have access to a full-service website which was also launched on Friday.

Ministry officials in Grenada and representatives from supporting consumer protection agencies in the Caribbean attended the long-awaited fruition of a designated office, the allocation of more human resources and the appointment of the country’s first Director of Consumer Affairs. The administrative and technical services of the new office include receiving, investigating, and resolving consumer complaints; engaging in public education about consumer rights and general affairs; market research and surveillance exercises.

Attorney General and Minister for Legal Affairs, Labour & Consumer Affairs, Hon. Claudette Joseph, said at the opening ceremony,

“In launching this consumer affairs office, we have together achieved a historic milestone and turned a corner in how buyers and sellers of goods and services interact with each other going forward.”

Director General of the OECS, Dr. Didacus Jules, said,

“This momentous occasion marks a significant milestone in Grenada’s commitment to championing consumer rights and ensuring fair and equitable treatment for all. It also highlights Grenada’s dedication to serving the needs and interests of consumers and this is commendable as it sets a shining example for the remaining Member States of the region to follow.”

“Let this new Consumer Affairs Office become a beacon of support, guidance, and advocacy for consumers for the Grenadian people. It is a reminder of the fundamental importance of consumer protection and empowerment and highlights the rights of consumers to safe products, fair treatment, accurate information, and the ability to make informed choices.The OECS Commission wishes Grenada every success in this important endeavour.”

Joining consumers in the rest of the OECS Member States as they commemorate World Consumer Rights Day, the OECS Commission reaffirms its commitment to championing consumer rights by recognising the pivotal role that informed and empowered consumers play in fostering a fair and competitive marketplace. Through information/communication technology solutions, advocacy, education, policy, and legislative initiatives, the OECS Commission strives to empower consumers to make confident decisions and hold businesses accountable for ethical and responsible practices.

World Consumer Rights Day is celebrated annually on March 15 and the theme for 2024, “Fair and responsible AI for consumers”, underscores the importance of ensuring that artificial intelligence (AI) technologies used in consumer-facing applications adhere to principles of fairness, transparency, accountability, and ethical use. The OECS Commission stands in solidarity with consumer organisations, advocates, and policymakers worldwide in advancing this critical agenda.

The Commission also encourages consumers to stay informed about their rights, report unfair practices, and actively engage in advocating for positive change. By working together, citizens can build a more equitable and consumer-friendly world.