OPINION: Join me in changing Gaston Browne’s job title to ‘former Prime Minister’

The content originally appeared on: News Americas Now

Black Immigrant Daily News

The content originally appeared on: Antigua News Room

As we approach the election on January 18th, I stand before you to urge you to join me in changing Gaston Browne’s job title to “former Prime Minister.” Mr. Browne needs to be qualified to lead our country. We deserve a prime minister who has demonstrated moral integrity, sound judgment, and inspiring leadership – attributes Mr. Browne lacks.

Mr. Browne is “uniquely unqualified” when it comes to the economy. He is “temperamentally unfit” to unite our country. We cannot trust him to do the right thing, and he has shown utter contempt for the values that make Antigua and Barbuda the gem of the Caribbean.

Election day is one of those pivotal moments when we, as citizens, need to determine who we are and what we stand for. Over the past two decades, the politics of division, resentment, and paranoia have unfortunately found a home in the Antigua and Barbuda Labor Party. You should still be concerned and want to see a restoration of honesty, decency, and lawfulness in our government.

It’s not about choosing between the UPP or ABLP. It’s about choosing a fit leader and being prepared to serve as our Prime Minister for another five years. Mr. Browne is “unfit” and “woefully unprepared” for this role. On January 18th, let’s vote him out and choose a better future for our country.

I urge you to vote for a leader with a demonstrated history of ethical conduct, strong moral character, and the ability to bring people together. Let’s choose a leader who will tirelessly unite our country and lead us toward a bright and prosperous future. Together, we can make a difference.

From: Corruption Fighter