Paradise Residents Concerned after string of break-ins and robberies

Paradise Residents Concerned after string of break-ins and robberies

A number of homeowners in Paradise St Andrew are concerned about slow police response to a string of break-ins and robberies that have been plaguing them for months. 

Affected persons continue to press for answers and are up in arms with the slow pace and in some cases no apparent action following reports to the Grenville Police Station, regarding the repeated home invasion by yet unknown individuals.

One resident says that the upsurge in the illegal activities dates back as far as November last year when a laptop computer and other items were stolen…the case remains unsolved.

Within the first half of this year, a gun and a substantial amount of cash were stolen from one resident, again the culprit/s remain at large.

As recently as last month thieves made off with over US$1000.00, a small amount of Eastern Caribbean Dollars and clothing belonging to another resident in the area.

Although the names of suspects were given to the police, to-date there appears to be no action. Some residents claim that although an initial visit was made to their homes, promises by the police to process a full statement remains unfulfilled weeks after the incidents. 

One of the victims states that a suspect was spotted within 90m of the Grenville Police Station wearing their personal belongings. The police were alerted but no action taken as the suspect was seen on another occasion again sporting the stolen belongings. 

Reports are that the spate of burglaries continues throughout Lakabaykay, as well, another community of Paradise. Victims there too lament that there is no action by the police. 

Reports are that several small shops in Lakabaykay were broken into. One as recently as this weekend, was robbed of most of its stock.

Two of the victims report that the police informed them that the investigative team was not in a position to take fingerprints.

In most of the cases identified, the frustrated residents claim that several leads were provided and their own investigation carried out and submitted to the police, still without any results.

Meanwhile, a farmer in Pearls has reported that seven goats from his flock were stolen a few weeks ago. He too is decrying the lack of action from the police even when a suspect was named.

An elderly resident says she is living in fear since if the stolen gun remains at large it could be used in a future attack.   

In an unrelated incident, another resident complained that a driver ran into their vehicle along the Paradise road while the affected motorist was contacting the police; the party involved fled the scene, but before he did he told the other party that he didn’t want the police involved because he didn’t have a driver’s license or insurance. The Police visited the scene of the accident, took a statement from the affected motorist and assured him that he would hear from them before the case. This incident was reported in January and to date, the victims have not heard from the police.


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