PBC Welcomes Two Students From Dominica

PBC Welcomes Two Students From Dominica

Two students from the hurricane-ravaged island of Dominica are now form five students at the Presentation Brothers’ College.

The Grenada Informer visited the school and spoke to the principal and the two boys.

The principal of PBC, Dominic Jeremiah considers his institution fortunate to have secured the presence of two young gentlemen from the all-boys St. Mary’s Academy in Dominica, immediately after the passage of Hurricane Maria.

The decision he noted, to have the two boys, was made collectively by the staff. “They decided that the institution would be open to helping our brothers from Dominica and shortly thereafter a request was made and was quickly accepted.

Principal Jeremiah welcomes the two boys, hinting at what Grenada went through in the aftermath of hurricane Ivan; the challenge of the recovery time, mentally or otherwise. The staff of PBC therefore, bestowed much hospitality upon the boys as they transitioned from Dominica to Grenada, making the process as smooth as possible and helping them to feel at home.

 He described them as “two wonderful young men who have done all that was asked or required of them.” He said some structures are being put in place to ensure that they are comfortable and assist them to adjust to the Grenadian life.

 Krish Sharma from the St. Mary’s Academy in Dominica who is presently in the fifth form at PBC told this paper that he would be sitting ten subjects for CXC and expressed sincere gratitude to the staff of the Presentation Brother’s College whom he described as being very accommodating. He noted that though the transition was a bit rough, settling in for him were very easy thanks to the staff.

Gabriel Amour, the other student said that he would be attempting eight subjects for CXC, and also expressed thanks to the principal and staff of the PBC for their warm embraced of friendship towards himself and Krish, making them feel good to be back at school again in a different environment.

 Gabriel said that in terms of studying, it took him a little while to settle down but is doing much better thanks to everyone’s accommodations.

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