People on the street – Prez should have no political baggage

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The content originally appeared on: Trinidad and Tobago Newsday

Raeanna Abdullah believes political affiliations should not be in the presidency. – Andrew Gioannetti

CHRISTINE Kangaloo, a long-time member of the PNM is no stranger to politics, having served as a government minister an opposition senator and most recently, the Senate President.

Kangaloo is the Prime Minister’s nominee to replace Paula-Mae Weekes as Head of State.

Newsday walked the streets of Port of Spain to get the views of the common man and woman on Friday to Dr Rowley’s choice. Surprisingly, many men did not want to be interviewed with the majority of willing interviewees being women.

A Diego Martin grandmother sitting in Woodford Square, who identified herself only as Nadia, said the presidency is best suited to someone apolitical, with a history of delivering justice.

“I don’t think you should be out there (with the public aware) you support PNM or UNC.”

Her views were in contrast to the PM, who said he saw no issues with a President’s alignment to the PNM.

At Friday’s press conference, Rowley said he, “does not subscribe to the view that if you have been associated with the PNM, you are disqualified (from taking the Office of the President).”

Newsday asked Nadia if she believed Kangaloo specifically will perform impartially.

“They never are (impartial). There’s always someone subliminally who sways to one side. That’s my opinion.

“And even though sometimes you really don’t want to, sometimes, as they say, you have to toe the party line.

“At least (the political baggage) shouldn’t be so glaring.”

Raeanna Abdulah of Diego Martin, said while she was unfamiliar with Kangaloo, her political affiliations will undoubtedly raise concerns now and if she is elected.

“Based on politics in the past, I don’t think it’s a good idea for a party to (provide the nominee). I think (the President) should also be politically (unaligned),” Abdulah said.

A man, who did not give his name, said people should not look at the individual in the office but rather the role and functions of the President. He said he had no issue with Kangaloo being Government’s nominee.

A woman who gave her name only as Melissa told Newsday she expects the new President to take a principled stance when called upon.

Melissa is hopeful that presidentional nominee Christine Kangaloo brings a difference to that office. PHOTOS BY ANDREW GIOANNETTI – Andrew Gioannetti

“I’m not sure what to say about her, but everybody deserves a chance, so I hope and pray she does the job better than (Weekes); that she will stand up more and that she will really try to understand the needs of people,” Melissa said.

“And no hiding, and no, ‘I ain’t have nothing to say,’ because as women we are supposed to be able to feel the pain of other women and we really need a woman to stand up and do the right thing.

“I wish her luck and she must keep God in everything she doing and she will be directed in the right way.

A woman who did not give her name expressed confidence in Kangaloo.

“I believe she could be impartial. I watched her many times and I don’t think she favours anybody,” she said.

“The right thing is the right thing and I realise she stands her ground. Whether a member of the PNM or UNC does wrong, she will correct them and let them know ‘X, Y and Z’.”