PNP urges Gov’t to include contract workers in compensation review Loop Jamaica

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The content originally appeared on: Jamaica News Loop News

Opposition Spokesman on the Public Service Julian Robinson does not want government contract workers to be left out of any benefit that may arise from the new public sector compensation system.

Robinson, who was speaking at a press conference on Thursday morning, said contract workers would not benefit from the review as government workers who are ‘on staff’ would.

“Those are public servants who are engaged on contract by the government who are being excluded from this process. It is important to note that none of these workers chose to be on contract; in all of the cases, that was the only form of employment that was provided to them when they signed up,” he pointed out.

The Opposition spokesman said that contract workers have not been given retroactive payment. He also described their exclusion from the wage compensation deal as “discriminatory”.

“It’s discriminatory because you may have two workers in the public sector, one on contract [and] the other may be considered permanent. They are doing the same job, in the same department, and one is treated in a particular way, benefitting from the compensation review, and the one on contract doesn’t,” he argued.

He also said that thousands of people are on contract that have been left out of the process.

“We have raised the issue before and we are calling on the Minister [of Finance Dr Nigel Clarke] and the ministry to deal with it,” Robinson said.

He pointed out that this kind of behaviour towards contract workers could lead to them being restive.