Police seize… and return fishermen’s catch in Grenville


A number of fishermen in Grenville were forced to be subjected to a lecture on the requirements of the law, on the Grenville police station compound last Monday, after the seizure by police of coolers of fish, being sold in the town of Grenville outside of the designated area. 

The fish was later returned to them with a stringent warning that should they continue to violate the law pertaining to selling their catch out of the designated area, they could be arrested, charged and their catch confiscated.

Spearheading the operation, officer in charge of the Grenville Police Station Inspector Raymond Matthew, informed the gathering that they had been previously warned about the offense, but it seems that they continue to ignore the law. 

He explained; he knows it is a bread and butter issue but the police cannot continue to allow persons to violate the law and pretend not to notice. 

“You are not only selling out of the designated area but the areas where this kind of illegal activity is being conducted are left in a very insanitary condition after your day’s sale is completed”, he told the gathering.

 “What signal would that send to the international market?” he questioned the gathering. “You never know who might be looking on and should that surface on the net about the way we handle our fish that can strike a severe blow to our fishing economy” Matthew told the offenders.

“Fishermen you need to get your act together, collectively.  If you have a problem about getting a license to operate in the designated area, which is the Grenville Fish Market, you need to visit the Ministry of Fisheries, bring your plight to them and they in turn must give you a listening ear. In this way structures would be put in place to assist you all in finding a designated area to sell your catch, else you would always run into the police”. He told them the next occasion may not be as lenient as that one. 

 Many of the affected fishermen, whose coolers of fish were in the custody of the police called on the Inspector in charge to bear with them and exert some sympathy. They vowed that they would obey the rules and visit the ministry; something the inspector considered before returning the fish to the respective owners. They echoed sentiments of thanks to the officers.


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