Protest Over High Fuel Prices

Protest Over High Fuel Prices

Radio talk show host Kem Jones on Tuesday staged another one-man protest, this time against the high cost of fuel in Grenada Carriacou and Petite Martinique, as compared to the  neighboring islands.

Jones decided to take his concern over high fuel cost to the Melville Street Bus Terminus and told Grenada Informer that what is happening is tantamount to treason against the people and the state of Grenada. He raged that the government is taking advantage of the situation, adding, having asked the Grenadian public, under the Structural Adjustment Program to undergo severe measures, “not for hell would they ease the burden off the Grenadian people in the case of the gas price.”

He went on to point out that on the international market a barrel of crude during 2008- 2012 stood at $US125.00, and now  in 2016 a barrel of crude is down to $US27.00 but Grenadians are not feeling the effects of this reduction. 

However in neighboring countries like St. Vincent, St. Lucia and the Commonwealth of Dominica, citizens are enjoying the low prices of diesel, gasoline and other petroleum products.

According to Jones a 20lb cylinder in Grenada is $42.00; St. Vincent it is $29.00, St. Lucia $24.97, Dominica $24.02. 

He implied if (Prime Minister) Dr. Mitchell and the government say they love the poor people who are the ones using the 20LB cylinders, why not demonstrate that love and reduce the price of the 20lb cylinder? He said the time has come for the Grenadian people to stand up for their rights. He said he is standing up for the people who are afraid to stand up; speaking for the persons who are afraid to speak. 

Jones said government is collecting $5.50 on every gallon of gas, which means that if a busman buys 10 gallons per day he is paying $55.00 at the end of each day in tax. He thinks its time that Grenadians wake up and smell the “bush tea” and recognize that the government is abusive, “they are taking advantage of the Grenadian people therefore somebody needs to stand up.” 

The talk show host sent out a plea to Dr. Mitchell to give the people a good independence by reducing the price at the pumps in a significant way like the other countries, reduce the price of the poor man’s cylinder so that everyone can have a nice independence. 

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