Resident Puzzled Over Water Loss

Resident Puzzled Over Water Loss

As the dry season kicks-in a resident of Prospect-Hall is uncertain whether the stealing water from all of his catchments were an act of desperation by someone or people who are in need or simple a case of pure maliciousness.

That’s the dilemma which is still today wrestling in the mind of , Denis Regis who is originally from the mainland but is domicile here in Carriacou for several years now. 

Mr Regis said that over the new year holidays he traveled to the mainland to annual their annual family reunion. He said that on his return on Wednesday (2nd of January) he was shocked to be greeted with his four 45 gallons blue barrels and his 1000 and 600 gallon black tanks which he left filled were all emptied.

Mr Regis who is separated from his wife said that he is not sure what led to this.

“I don’t know if this is a case of nostalgia or people who are in need.

“This might be a feedback of certain things.” Said Mr Regis.

He said that even before departing for the mainland he was more of a mind to stay rather than to go.

According him there is also a neighbor who removed some stones which he placed at the front of his house to prevent the back from breaking into the road.

“We must learn to live happy and the way I’m treated here is like I’m the soldier who serves in enemy territory.

“If I can’t feel happy in my home there is no where I would be of good peace in mind.” Said Mr Regis who is appealing for love and harmony in the neighborhood for 2019 and beyond.

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