Residents Blame Mother & Police In Student’s Near Death

Residents Blame Mother & Police In Student’s Near Death

A sixteen-year-old student from the St. Mark’s Secondary School is presently hospitalized in critical condition at the General Hospital following last Monday’s chopping incident in the village of Waltham in St. Mark, however residents in St. Mark are placing the blame for that incident squarely at the feet of the chopper’s mother who witnessed the incident and the failure of police officers at the Victoria Police Station to respond after several calls were made to them prior to the incident.

 According to information reaching the Grenada Informer the chopping incident, which went viral on social media last Monday, the first day of the new school term, had its genesis months ago at an earlier fight in the village of Waltham. However, what started at the school on Monday was a result we were told of one family deciding to get even by any means necessary irrespective of the venue.

 Sources told our news desk that during school hours two male students, one of them being the victim in the incident and the other believed to be the brother of the chopper, were involved in a heated argument that seemingly went out of hand. Sources said authorities at the school became concerned and sought help from the Victoria Police Station. It was said the students got physically involved and one of the student began making threatening statements and brandishing what appeared to be a weapon.

Alarming but true; having been confirmed by several sources, we were told that the response from the Victoria Police Station was, sorry we have no transport at the station at this time we will look into it as soon as the transport returns.  

 This newspaper was told that the victim in the incident left the school hours after those calls were made to the station and up until that time at the close of the school day, no police officer had come to the school compound to see what was happening. 

The victim it was reported, was left to find his way home unprotected amidst heightened treats on his life, while his attacker, a young man recently released from the juvenile correction facility at Grand Bacolet, armed with his cutlass, lay in wait for him along the public road. He was attacked minutes after leaving the school compound, suffering a blow to the head.

What was troubling one witness said, and was corroborated by a viral video footage taken from the scene of the incident, the mother of the young man (the chopper) who appeared to have been in close proximity prior, was seen escorting her son moments after, away from the scene.

 This newspaper was also reliably informed that the young man was subsequently placed on a bus to escape the hands of the law before the police arrived on the scene. He was however captured days after in the St. George’s area.

Up to press t5ime on Wednesday, the victim in the incident remained warded at the General Hospital in critical condition. Inside sources told our news desk that preliminary examination showed serious damage to the skull, resulting in internal bleeding.  Sources said he is expected to undergo a major surgery but presently awaited specialized medical experts, a scarcity on the island.

 Meanwhile, according to reports from the Public Relations arm of the Royal Grenada Police Force the now accused in the matter has been charged with attempted non-capital murder, he is presently remanded at the Bacolet Juvenile Correctional Center. If convicted, he can be sentenced to life in prison.  

While this young man remains a patient at the General Hospital fighting for his life, there is a heightened public outcry and calls for a full investigation into the conduct of the officers attached to the Victoria Police Station, whom it is said failed to act in the public interest and also the mother of the young man, whose behavior raised more questions than answers. 

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