Roaming Vagrant Jailed for Stealing Cash

Roaming Vagrant Jailed for Stealing Cash

He told the court he has no fixed place of abode, he sleeps all over the place; on the Carenage in the Market all over, but that did not detour the Chief Magistrate’s decision of eighteen months in prison, after he admitted to stealing a quantity of cash from a St Georges Businessman over the weekend.

According to information from the court, the incident took place some time on Saturday in the village of Jean Angles in St Georges. The victim is a well-known Indian businessman who returned from work and left his vehicle in the yard of his home, only to realize later that six hundred dollars was stolen from his vehicle.

The accused man Brian Baptiste, was arrested by police officer’s hours after and admitted to the crime. He told the police shortly after his arrest that he used all the money to buy cocaine for him and his friends.  

During his brief stint in court on Monday he wasted no time in admitting to his wrong, when asked if he had a lawyer he responded yes, however, he could not come forward with a name, he then told the court that he is open to any lawyer wishing to assist him.

 Prior to Monday’s sentence, Baptiste had some seven previous convictions, some of which were for stealing.

In addition to his eighteen months sentence, Baptiste is also due to receive psychiatric evaluation.    

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