Russian Jet Cuts Off American Plane, U.S. Crew Lives In Danger — Pentagon Blasts ‘Reckless’ Russians


The U.S. RC-135 plane was flying what the Pentagon said was a routine information-gathering mission, gathering data on Russia’s military moves in the region. The Russian military has a heavy presence in the western part of the country, and a major base in the seaside city of Kalingrad. Another Pentagon official, speaking not for attribution, described the maneuvers carried out by the Russian Su-27 Flanker fighter jet as “reckless,” actually placing…

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Obama says Clinton would be 'excellent president'

Hillary Clinton would make a fine US president, Barack Obama told reporters on the eve of the expected launch of her candidacy for the Democratic Party’s nod in 2016. Obama beat Clinton – who is vying to become the first woman president of the United States – for their party’s […]