Security Council: Will The US Have To Be The Adult?


The Palestinian Authority’s (PA) dream of being Queen for a Day, were dashed today…but their real thrashing will come in a Security Council vote…   Here’s a quick refresher on how this all works at the ‘Useless Nations’:  According to the UN Charter, Article 27, Security Council decisions on all substantive matters require the affirmative votes of 9 members. There are 5 permanent members (US, UK, France, Russia & China). Ten other members are elected by the General Assembly for 2-year terms starting on January 1st, with 5 replaced every year. The members are chosen by regional groups and confirmed by the United Nations General Assembly. A no vote, or veto, also known as the…

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Troy Davis executed despite public outcry

Troy Davis was executed by lethal injection tonight, September 21, 2012 at 11:08 p.m. Davis was convicted of the 1989 killing of police officer Mark MacPhail. In his last words, Troy Davis maintained his innocence until the end. In his last words, Troy Davis spoke to the MacPhail family while […]