Six months and one thousand dollars for stealing soursops


A twenty-year-old man from the village of Pearls in St Andrew was sentenced to six months in jail and on his release he is expected to pay one thousand dollars within six months. 

Should he fail to comply he would return to prison and serve three more months.

The accused whose name was given as Shaquille pleaded not guilty to the charge.

He was found guilty on evidence produced by a task force officer who read to the court an interview he conducted with the accused, as part of an investigation into a report given to the police by the virtual complainant Kenroy Thomas, about the incident.

According to the complainant a man whom he was unable to identify was caught on his sour sop tree stealing the fruit.  Although the accused denied what Mr Thomas said, he had admitted it during the interview with the officer, but said that there were no sour sops on Mr Thomas’ tree. And the sour sops he was found with came from his uncle’s lands he said.

The court told him that the confession that he gave in the interview proved that he committed the crime and therefore he should not have wasted the court’s time. 

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