Skillibeng, St. Lucian Authorities Investigating Gun At Concert

The content originally appeared on: Urban Islandz

Skillibeng concert in St. Lucia triggered an investigating after someone believe to be security was spotted with what appears to be a firearm on stage.

In recent times, some of the younger generations of dancehall artists have been attracting more and more controversy for their lyrics and careers. Skeng was recently banned from performing in Guyana after one of his concerts descended into chaos as ardent fans made their presence felt by firing a few rounds into the air. Now comes word that the St Lucian Government is conducting a probe after an unidentified man appeared with a gun on stage during a Skillibeng performance.

The concert in question was the ONYX Concert which was held at Daren Sammy Cricket Ground in Beausejour, Gros Islet, on October 15. The photo of the menacing man on stage also made the rounds on social media and caused concerns from various corners of the genre.

Tourism, Investment, Creative Industries, Culture and Information Minister Dr. Ernst Hilaire of St. Lucia spoke with the Caribbean National Weekly and confirmed that an investigation is ongoing.

According to the minister, some serious questions need to be asked. Hilaire revealed that the police on the island have decided that they were not approving the show because the “Whap Whap” deejay is someone who has been involved in singing and promoting music that glorifies crime and guns.

He also questioned the security arrangements at the concert and expressed serious concern for the safety of the patrons. Part of the investigation is focused on finding out who approved the man to hold a gun while on stage.

Skillibeng’s actions have spurred the small Caribbean nation to implement further steps to ensure that artists of a similar nature do not perform in the country again. Those new rules which have not been enacted as yet will apply to any entertainer who glorifies or promotes gun violence, he continued.

“To say to me, as the promoters did, it was incident-free so what is incident-free? You mean there was no shoot-out and therefore it was a success? It was pointed at the crowd. What if people had rushed the stage? What would have happened? Would you have shot the crowd? “ he questioned.

Hilaire also said he was baffled by the decision to open-carry a firearm on stage. The government also intends to go after the promoters as well.

Skillibeng, like Skeng, has enjoyed major success within the last two years of their career. Skillibeng has become known for his gritty lyrics, and a lot of his tracks are about the realities of street life and how Jamaica’s most disenfranchised feel and think.

The “Crocodile Teeth” artist was born in St Thomas and has never tried to dilute his music to appease those who feel that in a time when Jamaica is facing so much gun violence, he should.

His style and music have also attracted the attention of the Guyanese Opposition leader Aubrey Norton who said that he and Spice were the worst that dancehall had to offer at the moment.

The negative feedback hasn’t affected Skillibeng’s career as yet, as he continues to drop hits for his loyal fanbase.