St. George’s Methodist Church Is 200 Years Old


The Church opened its doors for worship on May 14 1820.  

This magnificent Georgian style brick structure had been the place of worship for all Methodists in Grenada.  

It has withstood many a storm, hurricane and even termite infestation!  Yet, it stands just over 39ft high, strong and resilient; hidden in the Green Street area; overlooking the Carenage, viewed from its dome-framed Victorian styled windows and supported by buttresses, which provide lateral support for these heavy brick walls. A unique character for this church building, which The Grenada National Trust marked as ‘The oldest ORIGINAL structure in St George’s.’

The congregation at the St George’s Methodist Church began their celebrations as early as May 2019; under the theme: Celebrating 200+ Witnessing thru Families in Service to God, Community and Nation. Each month they paused to recognize the work of families that for generations have worshipped there, give thanks to God for their work and for the generations still continuing to toil.  Methodism was introduced thru the ‘Class’ structure. A unique module used by their founder John Wesley; where small groups could meet; pray, study the bible and share.  It is not surprising therefore that in the immediate vicinity is the well-known Wesley Hall School, where many of our nation’s learned men received early education. A sound foundation.  

During their year of count-down; the St George’s congregation welcomed new born thru Baptism; buried old members; shared in short Christian seminars but unfortunately, did not have any new marriages.

Their year of count-down came to an abrupt halt early March 2020 when the island of Grenada went into ‘lock-down’ as a result of the Coronavirus (COVI-D19) Pandemic that gripped the world.  In February, after welcoming two new pastors – Leon Cornwall and Leonard Julien; the celebrations ceased.  However, this church has seen many preaching challenges. It was during the Fedon Rebellion, when the Parish Clerk, Frances Hallet who was ‘filling-in’ after the death of Missionary Abraham Bishop; had to leave his congregation as he was called to serve in the local militia on the ‘frontline’!   However, he still managed to continue a faithful ministry through this stormy period.

 As most churches were capitulated into being creative in reaching their congregations “at a distance,” in this ‘COVID-19 lock-down’ period; a virtual Thanksgiving Service was planned to be broadcast via YouTube on Sunday, May 17th 2020.  Unfortunately, this clashed with the nations’ Day-of-Prayer; and again; the church administration had to restructure their plans. 

As I pen these lines of salute to a people of strong Salvation Hope, I pause to congratulate their many generations that for 200 plus years have shared Hope in Faith in this 89ft long by 40ft wide structure.  Indeed, a masterpiece in history that each member of the Grenada Methodist Circuit should be justly proud.  It is also my hope that as you gallantly endeavour to keep the faith ‘outside’ the walls of this historical structure “at a distance” in your individual spaces; that the new technology of Christian outreach will not dampen your zest for salvation, but increase your faith and ‘quicken your steps’ in continuing to spread salvation for all to know that:

•  All people need to be saved

•  All people can be saved by Grace thru Faith

•  All people can know that they are saved

•  All people can be saved to the utmost

Happy 200th Anniversary.  Congratulations.

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