Strange Thing on Duquesne Beach

Strange Thing on Duquesne Beach

It is predicted that in the last days there will be a lot of strange things happening. In fact it is written that wonders shall never end. 

Residents were a bit put out on Wednesday last week when some strange looking soap-like foam washed up on the shores of Duquesne Beach in St Mark.

People were scared because to their recollection, nothing like that had happened before. Grenada Informer sought an explanation from one of fishermen at Duquesne Bay who said he has been fishing for over twenty years and had never encountered anything of that nature. He said he had no idea what it was, speculating that it could be poisonous to humans and people should be wary of it.

He continued that since it is the very first time that the strange material has washed up on the shores of Duquesne beach, persons should be extra careful especially when fishing in the vicinity. He said they were considering inviting the Ministry of Health or other relevant ministry to look into the occurrence but the substance vanished minutes later. However the fisherman encourages persons to be careful whenever they encounter strange things just in case it is hazardous to humans. 

The Grenada Informer contacted the fisheries department and spoke to Mr Crofton Isaac a marine biologist. He told this newspaper the strange looking foam-like substance is created by rough seas, also known as winter swells or here in Grenada as ground seas. The occurrence normally happens around winter season.

Isaac explained that the foam appears along the western and northern coasts but it is never seen on the eastern shores of Grenada. He said an infusion of air into the surface layers of the water results in an amalgamation of bubbles and as the rough waters churn the foamy substance is created. Pollution in the water creates a brown colour.


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