Tobias Clement Now On The Opposition Side


I have been elected by the people of St. George North East to represent them and it will remain that way. I do not think that our constitution speaks to recalling MP’s like that; we have at least three more years to go. 

This was Tobias Clement’s response following his resignation from the ruling New National Party at the 2020 budget presentation at the new parliament building Mt. Wheldale, St. George on Wednesday.

Clement went on to note that resigning from the NNP doesn’t mean that he will forfeit duties as Parliamentary Representative for his St. George North East constituency, considering he successfully defended the seat for the NNP in the 2018 general election.

Leader of the New National Party Dr Keith Mitchell said having a member of the opposition on the other side that was a former member that was elected, as a candidate for the NNP is not a problem. “In fact in a sense, I’ve always said that the debate in the house between government and an opposition is healthy for a country.” He noted that the only problem is that the opposition has been demonstrating so much weakness in terms of their political agenda.

Clement went on to note that before taking that big leap he will look to the constitution for guidelines, however, he questioned whether it is a depraved thing to have an opposition considering that one party has been in power for the last seven years.

“One must wonder, having opposition in a country is it a bad thing? Several budget cycles have passed. I will have so much more to speak about in terms of where we are and where we are going.

While the former NNP member has indicated interest in becoming Opposition Leader he noted that high on his agenda is to become a responsible opposition leader and therefore that is what he will focus on

Clement has been faced with many challenges during his stint with the ruling party ranging from dissatisfaction with the MP allowance to how he operated his parliamentary office.

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