Travel From U.S. To Cuba Could Soon Be Easier


CaribWorldNews, WASHINGTON, D.C., Weds. Aug. 18, 2010: Travelling from the U.S. to Cuba could soon become easier for some Americans.

The New York Times yesterday quoted White House sources as saying the Obama administration could announce significantly loosen restrictions on travel to Cuba as early as next week.

The new changes would make it easier for American academic, religious and cultural groups to visit Cuba, making room for a cultural dialogue between the two countries while leaving in place the decades-old embargo against the Communist government, The Associated Press reported.

`These [changes] are not revolutionary,` one congressional staffer told the Washington Post. `They`re not going to cause political blowback. Because we did all this stuff before.`

The shift would make the US` rules on travel to Cuba similar to what they were under President Bill Clinton.


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