Trinidad and Tobago Continues To Top Caribbean Exports To U.S.


CaribWorldNews, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. Oct. 15, 2010: The oil rich Caribbean nation of Trinidad and Tobago continues to rake in the dough from exports to the U.S., again topping most Caribbean nations this year, according to the U.S. Census Foreign Trade statistics.
Trinidad and Tobago exported a total of $4,481 trillion worth of mainly natural gas, crude oil, fuel oils and petroleum products to the U.S. for just the first eight months of this year, latest data analyzed by CaribWorldNews show. T&T also exports of coal and related fuels as well as liquified petroleum gases also ranked high on its list of money earners but surprisingly, the second largest earner was exports of fertilizers, pesticides, and insecticides. Industrial organic chemicals also earned a significant amount of money for the twin-island Republic as did iron and semi-finished steel mill products.

The only other Caribbean country to come close was the Dominican Republic, which this year totaled a whopping $2,425 trillion in exports of mainly jewellery to the U.S.

The Bahamas came in at third with exports of just over US$570 million of mainly fuel oil and plastic materials while Haiti was fourth, coming in at just over $336 million with exports of mainly cotton apparel and household goods.

Jamaica ranked fifth for the region with $243.4 million in exports of mainly bauxite and aluminum.

However, the combined total value of exports from the Netherland Antilles was 659 million of mainly other petroleum products.

Guyana`s exports were put at $187 million and were largely divided between fish and shellfish and cane and beet sugar, while Suriname exported just $103 million worth of mainly industrial inorganic chemicals and fish and shellfish.

Belize came in at $62 million for the first eight months this year for its exports of largely alcoholic beverages and fruits.

St. Kitts and Nevis in the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States continued to be the leading exporter of goods and services to the U.S. than all the OECS independent nations combined.
St. Kitts and Nevis exported goods worth US$34.4 million to the United States for the first eight months of this year of mainly electric apparatus and parts and telecommunications equipment.

The Cayman Islands exported $8.8 million worth of mainly bakery and confectionary products to the U.S. while Aruba`s total exports reached just over $14 million and was largely fuel oil.

Barbados exported US$15.6 million in mainly alcoholic beverages, except wine and related products to the United States for the first eight months of this year while exports to the U.S. from the British Virgin Islands (BVI) for the first eight months of this year totaled US$14 million.

Bermuda also reached 15.7 million of mainly artwork, antiques, stamps, and other collectibles while Martinique`s exports totaled 11 million of mainly other petroleum products.

Montserrat totaled US$.3 million of exports of mainly sulfur and nonmetallic minerals while Anguilla reached US$1.2 million for exports of mainly alcoholic beverages.
For the first eight months of 2010, St. Lucia, US$12.1 million of largely telecommunication equipment; Grenada exported US$5.7 million of mainly fish and shell fish; Antigua and Barbuda exported US$4 million of largely tobacco, waxes and non-food oils; Dominica, US$1.1 million of mainly toiletries and cosmetics and St. Vincent and the Grenadines, US$1.1 million of largely nonmonetary gold.

No Caribbean nation, however, made the top 15 ranks of exports to the U.S. That top spot was held by China followed by Canada and Mexico.

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