U.S. And Trinidad Reach Open Skies Agreement


CaribWorldNews, WASHINGTON, D.C., Tues. May 4, 2010: The United States and Trinidad and Tobago have reached a comprehensive Open Skies agreement to expand and liberalize their bilateral civil aviation relationship, the U.S. State Department said Monday.

The agreement was initialed on May 1, after three days of negotiations in Port-of-Spain between a delegation from Trinidad and Tobago and a U.S. delegation from the Department of State and Department of Transportation, a statement said.

The Open Skies agreement initialed by the United States and Trinidad and Tobago represents a market-oriented approach to aviation relations: airlines, not governments, will decide which cities to serve, the frequency of flights, the equipment used, and the prices charged.

The agreement will strengthen and expand our already strong trade and tourism links with Trinidad and Tobago and provide significant benefits to airlines of the United States and Trinidad and Tobago and the traveling public, while preserving our commitments to aviation safety and security.

Airlines of both countries will enjoy the benefits of liberalization upon signature of the agreement, pending its entry into force. The agreement will supersede our 1990 aviation agreement and grant, for the first time, code-share opportunities and intermodal rights, and expand cargo opportunities. The United States has previously reached Open Skies agreements with nearly 100 countries and territories, and we are pleased to have achieved this important accord.

The Trinidad and Tobago delegation was led by Cecil O. Bernard, and the U.S. delegation was led by Kris Urs, Director, Office of Aviation Negotiations, Department of State.

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