Unions Demand Pensions Be Restored

Unions Demand Pensions Be Restored

Three labour organizations are uniting in their appeal to the government to ensure pension payment to persons who become eligible.

The technical and Allied Workers Union, TAWU, the Public Workers Union PWU and the Trades Union Council TUC marched on the Ministerial Complex inTanteen onFriday April 21, demanding that pensions be respected. 

President of the PWU Rachael Roberts the union would not give up on protesting until workers receive their pension.She said pensions will continue to be the number one issue for her union until they have received this benefit that was taken away from them on 4th April 1983. 

She went on to say that officers had accepted a reduced remuneration because they were guaranteed the pension but is was taken from them unceremoniously and should be returned to them. She said since others are receiving pension the hard working citizens must be given the same honor. 

She quipped that if employers honor themselves and not their employees it’s a demonstration of uncaring, uncompassionate and unjust leadership. She, therefore, called on employers to be compassionate, to be just and to demonstrate equity; just as they are receiving they should also give. 

President of TUC Kenny James described the march as one of sensitization so the administration understands that pension is important to the workers. He said they have an engagement with the government, however, persons need to know that public workers are not satisfied and will not accept the absence of a proper pension that they are entitled to based on the constitution. He added that while the politicians have already secured themselves, a public officer can work in the public service for thirty years and go home with nothing. 

He further insisted that all the achievements and accomplishments that are being boasted about in the country are because of the efforts and the work made by public officers.

President of TAWU, Andre Lewis is confident that the matter would be resolved as soon as possible.

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