Jaidyn Alexis Says Blueface Behind Nasty Tweets, Chrisean Rock Returns Home

The content originally appeared on: Urban Islandz

Jaidyn Alexis says she wasn’t the one who sent out those nasty tweets, and Chrisean Rock returns home to Blueface days after their very public spat over her rumored pregnancy.

At one point, fans thought that this was it for Chrisean Rock and Blueface’s relationship. Things got pretty toxic for the couple over the past week as the two traded insults on social media after the reality TV star shared photos of her baby bump. The “Thotiana” rapper then offered her $100,000 to get an abortion and says he’ll pay all the costs associated with it if Rock complies.

Chrisean Rock is about three months pregnant, and she and Blueface are again at loggerheads, with both of them considering an abortion. While on Twitter, Blueface has been aggressively persuading Rock to undergo the procedure, which would make it four times she would be having an abortion for him, according to her count.

On Thursday, Blueface’s baby mother, Jaidyn Alexis, whom he has been dating since high school and by all indications whom he still seems to be in a relationship with given that they recently welcomed a baby girl, also offered to “do the abortion” on Rock.

Alexis is far from a medical professional, so her offer to conduct the abortion on Rock sent fans and observers in a tail-spin as to what she really means.

“Gimme da 100k daddy,” she wrote on Twitter. “I’ll do the abortion myself.”

Blueface also shared a video on Instagram where he is apparently “teaching” his daughter lessons based on his relationship with Rock.

“Step 1, I’m teaching you this early ok? Don’t ever put your hands on no man. A man touch you, you call your daddy. And rule no. 2, don’t ever have no baby with no man that don’t want the damn baby. That’s rule number 2,” Blueface tells the infant.

He continues, “And rule number 3, if a man cheating on you baby girl, you either deal with it and stay or leave that n***a. But pick one, Don’t be in the middle like these delusional females. Just leave. Or stay. It’s up to you. I ain’t gon tell you what to do.”

Blueface has been ranting over the last three days after Rock went on a week-long vacation for her birthday.

She explained tearfully on Instagram that she was tired of his behavior.

“You know how I used to go on rants and I used to cry a lot and tell y’all what was going on?” Rock said. “I’m gonna be a buck, my n***a: you really don’t need nobody to be happy. It’s really you that has to be happy with yourself. I’m learning since I’ve been real sober and sh*t…I just learned how to back off so bad that I’m silent,” she said.

She added, “He say ‘f**k you ho,’ all types of sh*t, calling me all types of h*es because it’s n****s in my face or n****s in my DMs. But what you expect if you publicly treat me like sh*t? I really don’t think muthaf**kas think we really together.”

The comments by Jaidyn and Blueface come a day after Rock tweeted a dove emoji which led many fans to discourage her from considering her fourth abortion for the rapper.

Jaidyn Alexis has since revealed that Blueface sent out those tweets that earned her some backlash. “Y’all knew his buster a** was going back over there he owes me money,” Alexis tweeted. “Why y’all acting slow he needs the clout real bad. He wrote the tweets and said here say this ol sad a** I felt bad for em [laughing emojis]. The truth could never be dis bc I left him a year ago. I wanted out so bad I left 90% my s**t there and ran. I ain’t claimed him one time since he could be daddy yesterday and bitch a** h*e n***a today y’all slow fr.”