Caribbean Employment is Helping Tackle Youth Unemployment

The content originally appeared on: The Barnacle News

While the economies of most Caribbean nations have mostly recovered from the worst of the COVID-19 pandemic, unemployment continues to be a challenge for some. As the International Monetary Fund (IMF) has reported for several nations, unemployment challenges persist especially amongst youth and women in some Caribbean countries. It is this challenge that Caribbean Employment Services Inc. hopes it is helping to address. 

Caribbean Employment Services Inc. is a market-leading digital talent acquisition service that aims to connect the top talent from the Caribbean with hiring managers, HR professionals and decision-makers in companies both within the Caribbean as well as abroad. While its headquarters is based in Barbados, the firm operates throughout the entire region, helping job seekers of all ages and from all walks of life to connect with high-quality employers and secure gainful employment.

“In the Caribbean, it’s still not very common to find digital job search or placement services,” says Joseph Boll, Caribbean Employment CEO. “But in this increasingly digital world, the lack of convenient, instant employment tools can be a detractor for many young job seekers who are accustomed to doing everything on their smartphone.”

With its easy-to-use platform, which is actually free of charge for job seekers, Caribbean Employment hopes to make job hunting more accessible. At the same time, it hopes to help employers tap into a wider pool of talent than they may otherwise have access to. 

“Especially for young, unemployed people, a lot of them feel like it is too difficult to get a job because they don’t know anyone hiring or they haven’t seen the newspaper, so unless an older relative tells them, they may miss something,” Boll says. “They’re used to having everything at the press of a button, and we help to bring the job hunting aspect into that world.”

With Caribbean Employment, job seekers can search by location, job type, or specific keyword to find opportunities they may be interested in. Or they can browse all open positions.

They can also sign up for alerts directly to their email inbox to be the first to know when a new job opportunity they searched for becomes available, helping them to be the first in line when a new vacancy is posted. 

“Our platform is simple but a resource that is missing for many Caribbean job seekers. By bridging that gap, we hope to help improve employment throughout the region,” Boll says.