Recaptured Prisoners Charged with Capital Murder and other Serious Offences, Remanded

The content originally appeared on: The Barnacle News

Ron Mitchell, 30 years old, Unemployed, Atiba Stanisclaus, 25 years old, Farmer and Trevon Robertson, 23 years old, Unemployed, all of Paradise, St. Andrew, were jointly charged with two counts of Capital Murder by intentionally causing the death of Ralph Hendry and Kathleen Brandel, Citizens of the United States of America.

They were also charged for the offences of Escaping Lawful Custody, Housebreaking, Robbery, and two counts of Kidnapping. Additionally, Atiba Stanislaus, was charged with one count of rape.

All three made their first court appearance at St. George’s Magistrate’s Court today, Thursday 7th March 2024, and were remanded to His Majesty’s Prison.

They are scheduled to be brought back to court on Wednesday 27th March 2024.