A Tribute to the Great Casey Benjamin: Oct. 1978 to Mar. 2024 An Expression of Condolences

The content originally appeared on: The Barnacle News
Casey Benjamin

CASEY BENJAMIN – OCT. 1978 to MAR. 2024: REMEMBERING THE LIFE AND ACCOMPLISHMENTS (two-time Grammy winner, plus much more) of one of Grenada’s, the Caribbean’s, and America’s finest.

CASEY WILL BE REMEMBERED as a superbly versatile and unique jazzy saxophonist, keyboardist, vocoderist, producer, arranger, songwriter, and vocalist with an eclectic ear for improvisations, tonality, inflections, syncopations, range and the incorporation of technological explorations in music.

CASEY HAS LEFT US, but we will not be forgetting him. He will never be forgotten.

AMONG OTHER THINGS, he will be remembered through one of the latest projects that he was co-producing when he met his sudden and unwelcomed death. He was working on a Broadway play on the life of Mohammed Ali. Casey was engaged on this unfinished project, alongside Q-Tip and others.

MY DEEPEST CONDOLENCES are extended to Casey’s also talented and culture-loving Dad, Gentle Benjamin, as well as to Carol Benjamin-David, and former Grenadian MP, Nadia Benjamin.

MAY CASEY BENJAMIN’S SOUL REST IN PEACE as we celebrate his accomplishments and legacies; and emulate his great skills as a musician and his amazing goodness and generosity as a caring human being. May many be inspired by his work, his dedication to his craft, and his love for humanity.